Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   11 AUGUST 2020

How to build a resilient company culture... remotely.

in collaboration with speakers from:

Key take-aways

  • A simple yet powerful cultural model for organizational maturity.
  • Insights into remotly's "Loop Approach", including 7 principles of highly effective teams.
  • Strategies on how to foster a resilient team culture based on the "Loop Approach".
  • Hands-on practices that you can implement today.

About the webinar

Many companies are facing a severe level of distress within their teams as a consequence of the ad-hoc transition to a remote work environment.

Organizational transformation experts Jörn Apel and Max Hesse from remotly propose 7 principles for a highly effective and resilient team culture that can help build trust, cohesion, and keep up effectiveness for remote teams.

These principles were derived from thorough research on best practices in the field of agility, self-organization (Holacracy & alike), non-violent communication, systemic thinking, design thinking, and more.