Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   17 MAY 2021

The 4-Day Week: A Model for the Future?

in collaboration with speakers from:

Key take-aways

  • Benefits and challenges of introducing a shortened workweek.
  • Examples of how short-work can be formatted and how to decide the best approach for your organization.
  • How to anticipate and overcome obstacles with making the transition.

About the webinar

A study has shown that 55% of Germans would prefer a 4-day week with a 20% salary cut*. With the trend of new work structures on the rise, is it time to re-think how we approach the traditional workweek?

Philipp Köbler is the Founder & CEO of 30 for Future, the Job Portal for the 30-Hour Week with a focus on Tech and IT Jobs in Berlin. He will present studies about how a shortened workweek positively affects employee productivity, happiness, retention and recruiting.

Ellie Byington is an HR & Talent Acquisition Consultant who specializes in helping companies during key transition phases. She will share how a Berlin startup recently introduced the 4-day workweek and what challenges occurred along the way.