Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   17 DECEMBER 2021

The “Hybrid Workweek” and how to successfully transition your team.

Key take-aways

  • Why now is the time to rethink the workplace.
  • What the hybrid workplace of the future looks like & how it will be different.
  • A framework for building trust while boosting productivity, innovation and creativity in a hybrid setting.
  • Learnings from 12 years of coworking by one of Europe’s forefathers on the concept.

About the webinar

Working from anywhere is here to stay, but the future of work doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the company office. The concept of the HQ as a cultural hub simply needs to evolve, balancing the organizational need for a physical space to connect and collaborate with your workforce’s desire for flexibility and productivity on their own terms.

Joining us to explore the concept of the “hybrid workweek” are Christoph Fahle, co-founder & CEO at betahaus, one of Europe’s first coworking space networks, and Alysia Hamilton, a community engagement & service design strategist.

In conversation with Marc Clemens, founder & CEO of CodeControl and 9am, this discussion will focus on the future of HQ and how coworking provides an environment for teams and employees to thrive, as well as why building trust and community within teams is vital for success in the digital workplace.