Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   18 MARCH 2021

How to address the looming mental health crisis in the workplace.

in collaboration with speakers from:

Key take-aways

  • Learn about a solution which can be offered to employees that protects them and their income in the event of a mental illness which impacts their ability to work.
  • Why is this coverage so important and relevant?
  • What mental health problems are particularly common in employees? Why?
  • How to foster resilience in occupational health management.
  • Advantage of digital occupational health trainings and courses for employees.

About the webinar

It’s been a full year since the ongoing pandemic has disrupted everyone’s personal and professional lives, and without a doubt it has taken a toll on mental health. That’s why it’s important for employers to be taking notice of the looming crisis in their workforce and what they can do to address it.

John Ismailoglu, serving Germany’s English-speaking community as Director at Allianz F200, will discuss options to protect employees if a mental illness impacts their ability to work.

Dr. Hanne Horvath is the Founder & VP Business Development at HelloBetter, a global pioneer in the field of e-mental health. With presenteeism and absenteeism rates increasingly high due to pandemic-related mental health problems, she will share how to foster your employees’ mental health in an occupational health management context.