Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   17 NOVEMBER 2021

How Blinkist leveraged data to reduce time to hire by 38%.

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Key take-aways

  • What KPIs talent acquisition teams can adopt.
  • What a simple, agile framework for check ins and monitoring progress can look like.
  • How adopting sprints and deliverables can make recruiting data actionable.
  • How you can go about creating a forecast for your recruiting pipeline.
  • What learnings Blinkist gathered using predictive hiring approaches for the past year.

About the webinar

Trying to become more data driven, many recruiting teams struggle to unify available data and make results actionable for their daily work. To help on this quest, a lot of tools and services have been vying for our attention. But becoming data driven starts with *how* we work as even the best reporting suite will not be successful if we do not adjust our actions based on its reports. Blinkist overhauled its recruiting approach this year, introducing predictive hiring techniques across the board.

This session will therefore focus on the organisation's learnings and the small changes we can make to our ways of working that will naturally have us looking for data.