Zoom Icon FREE WEBINAR   ·   15   JUNE  2023  ·  14:00 (CET)

Best practices for setting goals and measuring productivity with remote workers


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Key Take-aways:

Remote work is not just an employee perk. It is a highly adaptable and scalable business model with the potential to revolutionize organizations. To implement remote work effectively, accountability and metrics play a crucial role.

By measuring productivity, tracking outputs, and aligning them with organizational goals, companies can unleash the full potential of their remote workforce. This shift in management style moves away from traditional top-down hierarchies and embraces a more inclusive and collaborative bottom-up approach. Additionally, by tracking outputs and aligning them with goals, remote employees can stay focused on delivering tangible results, regardless of their physical location. 

Furthermore, embracing accountability and metrics establishes a remote work culture built on trust, autonomy, and collaboration, empowering employees to take ownership of their work and fostering a sense of responsibility and motivation.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why and how implementing OKRs in a remote team is a good idea?
  • How to set up remote tools to ensure smooth project management?
  • How to engage team members to increase accountability and drive business success?

About the speaker:

Nadia Harris is a bold and dynamic advocate for flexible work! She envisions a future of work that is inclusive, allowing everyone to have an opportunity to work for a great company, regardless of their location. As a dynamic speaker, she shares her expertise on designing remote work legal solutions, building employee-friendly business environments, and implementing talent attraction strategies that work!

Nadia's goal is to bridge the gap between business needs and flexible work, eliminating unconscious bias along the way and helping to build a culture that promotes performance over presence.