Zoom Icon WEBINAR   ·   01 MARCH 2022

How to Deal with Talent Shortage





Key Take-aways:

  • Why talent shortage is growing in Germany
  • How companies can change their recruiting to attract the best talent anyway
  • When freelancers can be a solution to deal with talent shortage
  • Quick wins every company can benefit fro

Über die Speaker:

Marius Luther, founder and CEO of HeyJobs, has been focusing on the issue of talent shortage for years, and he sees that more and more companies are having problems to fill their vacancies. With HeyJobs, he helps employers find the perfect candidates through optimized job ads and marketing activities. In the webinar, he reveals which strategies companies can follow to make their recruiting more successful.

Marc Clemens is the founder and CEO of CodeControl and 9am, where he and his team help companies find the best freelance talent for their projects. In conversation with Marius, he includes his perspective on the issue of talent shortage and explains how a systematic use of freelancers can help to solve the problem.