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The 9am Compliance Hub

Book a demo and discover more about our Compliance Hub to avoid all risks from false self-employment.


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What's in the Compliance Hub?

Everything you need - for free:


1. False Self-Employment Test

You'll get a full evaluation of the false self-employment risk for every freelancer you work with. The test was designed by German labour law experts from Hogan Lovells, so you can minimize all legal risks.



2. E-Learning Platform

To ensure continuous protection, we also provide an e-learning platform, so your whole team can be trained regarding false self-employment.



3. Fully Compliant Contracts

All our contract templates are approved by lawyers and are secure in regards to false self-employment.


Minimize your false self-employment risk

False Self-Employment Test

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Complete test to assess your risk

All the questions are carefully designed in collaboration with German labour law experts, and you will get the results immediately after the test.
You'll have unlimited access, so you can evaluate as many freelancers as you like.


Individual results

For each test, you'll receive a full protocol in PDF with the recap of the answers and additional information for each question that represented a risk. All of these will be saved on 9am for you to download the results whenever you need them.

Train your employees about false self-employment

 E-Learning Platform

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Online course

You will have access to our full course which is a series of 5 videos, explaining all you and your team need to know about false self-employment.



You can test yourself and your team on the subject and receive a certificate. This is very useful if you need to prove that your organization is taking measures to avoid false self-employment risks.


Compliance Policy

You'll have the option to enforce your team to pass the certification. When you activate this feature, the hiring manager will be able to contract a freelancer only if they passed the test first.

Contracting 100% digital

Fully secure online contracting


Ready-to-use freelancer contract templates

You can have access to our fully compliant freelancer contracts and use them to be on the safe side.



Easy contracting with digital signature so you can finalize all agreements online with our HelloSign integration.

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Freelancer Legal experts with years of experience.

Hogan Lovells is a leading international law firm with more than 2,500 legal employees and over 45 offices worldwide. As a true full-service firm, Hogan Lovells advises companies in all areas of national and international commercial law.

The German employment law team of Hogan Lovells advises companies in particular on change processes. Whether founding, merging, acquiring, restructuring, reorganizing, divesting, relocating, data protection, or outsourcing - the team supports clients in groundbreaking projects in Germany and worldwide and assists them in negotiations with labor councils, trade unions, and in employment law disputes before courts and conciliation boards.

Tim Joppich

Tim Joppich

Partner at Hogan Lovells


Stefan Richter

Counsel at Hogan Lovells


Jessika Heinsch LL.M.

Knowledge Lawyer at Hogan Lovells

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Choose the right Compliance Hub for you:


Add features to your Compliance Hub for even more safety.

What’s included:
New Project-2 Compliance Hub Pro
New Project-2 Integration (API Access)
New Project-2 Compliance Policy feature
New Project-2 E-signature (unlimited)

Get your own custom Compliance Hub tailored to your organization's needs.

What’s included:
New Project-2 Compliance Enterprise
New Project-2 Custom test with questions tailored to your organization
New Project-2 Custom e-learning content and platform
New Project-2 Custom legally secure freelancer contracts
New Project-2 Possibility to embed the tool in your own platform
New Project-2 Separate hosting on German servers

What 9am offers on top

Hire and manage the right freelancers with 9am, and always stay compliant

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Freelancer Management Hub

Import and manage your own freelancer network, create talent shortlists for jobs, and share freelancer reviews with your colleagues for discussion (coming soon).

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Talent Search Hub

Search for talent on the 9am marketplace - 100% commission-free. Post jobs to 500,000+ freelancers on the largest platforms in Germany. Hire selected talent in 24 hours with 9am Plus.

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Payment Hub (coming soon)

View transparent time tracking logs and give your approval with one click (beta). Pay all your freelancers worldwide in one invoice from one supplier to simplify your cost structure.