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Growing a freelance business that you love!

If you want to create the freelance business that you are proud of, the one you know you are capable of, check out the recording of our webinar, where business coach Kirsty Waite told us all about this topic.

Watch the recording

It was a pleasure having Kirsty Waite as a speaker for our first webinar at 9am: Growing a freelance business that you love!

Kirsty is the founder and owner of Kirsty Waite Business Coaching. In her coaching role, she is passionate about helping freelancers and service-based business owners create alignment, fulfilment, and freedom in their business through supportive, step by step, empowering coaching and mentoring programmes.

Kirsty has spent almost two decades working in corporate environments, running global teams as well as starting her own business. Kirsty's passion is to empower her customers to become their own hero and make the process of building their authentic business for growth as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • What you need to know so you can start to build a business that feels good.
  • The three most common mistakes business owners make.
  • Three key principles Kirsty uses to help her and her clients build a thriving business.

Check out the recording from the live webinar:


Here you can find the resources Kirsty has shared with us. 

If you enjoyed Kirsty's presentation, you can visit her website or reach out to her on Facebook