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How to generate leads and win new customers as a freelancer?

We discussed how you can build a meaningful relationship with a client by having ethics in your promises and what are the best practices for following up with them!

About the event

How to attract attention to the prospects and what the Behavioral Science teaches you to find the sweet spot?


The webinar aims to help freelancers build a flow for prospecting and gaining customers. Using behavioral science principles, like identifying the primary audience, understanding their pains and needs, and experimenting with communication, a freelancer should be able to find quickly what works and what doesn’t. We will dive into how you can build a meaningful relationship with a client by having ethics in your promises. And the best practices for following up with them.


Key Takeaways:

  • There are no magic tricks to find the right customers, but there is testing and experimenting that can help you narrow down the right customers for you.
  • Becoming data-driven is more important than having lots of followers, but no one to buy.
  • Behavioral Science can get you to a point where you should have built a product or service and developed the right ethics as a professional.


About the speaker:

Emilia Zăinel is a Behavioral Designer, Growth Hacker, and Growth Mindset Coach, born in Romania. She uses Behavioral Science Principles to help organizations to reduce costs and/or scale. Her clients reach out to her for Customers Behavior, Customer/ User Experience, Data Analysis & Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Operation Processes, and Persuasive Communication expertise.

She also creates and delivers workshops and speeches on various topics, like how we think and decide, cognitive biases, critical thinking, problem-solving, behavioral economics, and personal development.

Her articles were featured on and and other places.

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