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calendar-2   April 17th, 2022        maps-and-flags-2   Online

Webinar: Mastering your money mindset

It feels like there should be some magic number or formula for setting prices, but there usually isn't. A big part of getting your pricing right is to get your head in the right place, yet many of us have not taken the steps needed to work on this.

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Discover simple ways to have confident money conversations today.
In this Freelance Academy event, you'll get useful tips from an experienced freelancer, featured on the 2021 ‘Top 40 Digital Women to Watch’ list, Helen Hill.

Key Takeaways

  • Why you should up your rates?
  • Identify your money blocks and outside influences.
  • Pinpoint where your money behaviours may be letting you down.
  • Develop your confidence in approaching money conversations.
  • Identify steps you can take to earn the rate you want


About Helen Hill:

Helen Hill is a multi-hyphened business owner: author, freelance business coach, designer, writer, podcaster, and imperfect environmentalist.

After a very squiggly career and 10 years of treating her business as a side hobby, she launched herself into full-time self-employment in 2018 and has never looked back. She owns UnlikelyGenius™ Ltd and Falling Off The Ladder, and is a co-founder of the environmental initiative Be The Future. Helen built a thriving business in less than two years, saving her sanity and health in the process. Her book Falling Off The Ladder tells the story of that leap, how she did it, and provides you with the tools to do it too.

Helen has also been shortlisted for multiple freelance and business awards, featured on the 2021 ‘Top 40 Digital Women to Watch’ list, and is an award winner for her contributions to the industry journal ‘Communicator’. In an exciting development, her book is currently on the shortlist for the Business Book Awards 2022.