Zoom Icon FREE WEBINAR  ·   31 JULY 2024  ·  16:00 (CET)

Freelancing in Germany vs working as employee through a cooperative structure

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Key Take-aways:

Curious about freelancing in Germany versus employment? Discover the best path for your career in Germany with our upcoming webinar.

Join us to learn about the innovative working model, which combines the freedom of freelancing with the security of classical employment through a shared company. Discover the fiscal and social security advantages of managing your contract via a co-owned cooperative structure – mutualizing the risk and helping to find an overview in the administrative jungle of German regulations. Gain valuable insights to navigate your professional journey effectively.

We'll discuss:

  • Regulatory status of freelancing
  • Tax obligations in Germany            
  • New working model for freelancers with contracts managed through cooperatives

About the speaker:

Magdalena Ziomek studied art history in Poland and project management in Germany. She defines herself a creative worker and a social entrepreneur. Since 2006 Magdalena Ziomek has invested her academic knowledge and her personal experience to develop effective, tailor-made solutions that empower people who strive with administrative, financial, social and cultural barriers while seeking to make a living and to pursue their professional projects.

Magdalena Ziomek is founder, CEO and board member of the following organizations: non-profit association ‘agitPolska’ (with migrant communities, since 2006), non-profit association ‘Smart network of creative’ (with artists and creative professionals, since 2014), ‘Smart Coop’ (with freelance workers since 2015) and non-profit limited ‘Smart Bildungswerk’ (with freelancers from the training and educational field, since 2019).